Welcome to Shop & Tell, a place to share stories about shopping adventures and finds. I’m Erin and I developed Shop & Tell to channel my love for shopping and passion for sharing stories.

Since becoming a mama of three, I’ve adjusted my spending priorities and I’m smarter about what I buy. I do most of my shopping at mass retailers for their affordable selection. I hunt for unpredictable and surprising finds. I love the thrill of coming home with stylish discoveries for myself and my family that don’t break the bank.

I’m a disciple of the high-low school of thought. I love a good deal but I also understand certain items warrant a bigger investment, and quality and craftsmanship can come at a price.

My goal with Shop & Tell is to grow a fun and vibrant community where people can share stories, swap advice, and get in-the-know. I’m starting out with just a few posts, but I will continue to document my adventures, and my library of shopping stories will continue to grow. My stories will cover Home Décor, Style, Beauty, Food & Drink, Books & Music and Kids.

Some stories I’m working on include: statement earrings, wines under $20, freshen up your kitchen shelves, self-tanners, colourful clutches, and meditation apps for kids. Drop me a line if you have any suggestions on stores, brands and sites – I’ll be sure to check them out for my future stories!