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Kitchen Shelves Refresh

Blue & White Accents

I recently went on the hunt for accents to give new life to the open shelves in my kitchen. Until now they were filled with white, white and more white! After a trip to Homesense, Winners and Walmart, I honed in on a fresh new palette of blue, white and natural wood. The result is casual, fresh and inviting.
As you’ll see in the video, I gravitate to farmhouse and artisan styles. Scroll down for availability and pricing. #shopandtell #shopandtellcanada








Availability & Pricing:
Mug with blue and white dots, Winners, $5.99
Corningware mug, Walmart, $9.67
Ikat blue and white mug, Winners, $4.00

Bowls & Plate:
White bowl with blue trim, Walmart, $6.44
Small artisan-style bowl, Walmart, $3.97
Ornate floral bowl, Homesense, $5.99
Blue and white plate, Homesense, $5.00

Canisters & Cutting Boards
Blue canister, Winners, $9.99
White covered canister, Winners, $12.99
Small cutting board, Homesense, $19.00
Large cutting board, Homesense, $16.99
Cutting board with marble detail, Walmart, $17.97