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Ravishing Reds: $20 and Under

Shiraz Grenache, Zinfandel, Chianti, Pinot Noir

At home, I’m often well-stocked in Cabernet Sauvignon, as it’s our go-to red. But when we’re having people in, I expand the offering. So, I was so thankful when many of you recommended all types of reds.

Today’s post features four mouth-watering reds recommended by Shop & Tell fans.  They range in price from $16-$20 (at LCBO).

First up, a Shiraz Grenache from South Australia: Waltzing Matilda. The label tells a charming story of a man heading off on a wayward adventure in the Australian bush, and he asks the sky, “Won’t you go Waltzing Matilda with me?”  Don’t mind if I do! It has a deep red colour, medium-bodied with flavours of cherry, red licorice and sweet spices. $16.95 at the LCBO.

Purchase at LCBO here.

Next, a Zinfandel: Ravensood Vintners Blend, California $18.95. The wine is credited for helping boost popularity of Zinfandel in North America. It’s bold and delicious, with flavours of spicy ripe raspberry and cherry. Making it easy to say: I’m in for Zin! Find it in Vintages at LCBO.

Purchase at LCBO here.

If homestyle Italian food is on the menu, be sure to have Chianti to serve. Based on a recommendation, I recently tried Pèppoli Chianti when we had friends in for pizza (my version of cooking Italian – ha!). It was dry, fruity and medium bodied. It’s $19.95, and can be found in Vintages at LCBO.

Purchase at LCBO here.

We’ll round out the post with a Pinot Noir. Is it just me, or does everyone else think of the movie Sideways when they hear Pinot Noir?! Now back to the wine… Kim Crawford Pinot Noir, New Zealand is refreshing and fruity with flavours of plum and strawberry. It’s $20.95, and can be found in Vintages at LCBO.

Purchase at LCBO here.

After all that, is anyone else really thirsty?  Cheers to the weekend!