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My master bedroom needs YOUR help

Nightstands & spring pillows: where to buy & what style?

Project Master Bedroom Makeover is underway. Last week I posted about the new wallpaper I found on Wayfair.ca (which will be hung in a few weeks). Well, I’m in my room again, and I need your help! As you’ll see in the video, I found the perfect bed at Structube.

Link to Structube Hamburg Bedframe in King.

Next on the update list: nightstands and summery decorative pillows. Our nightstands are over 15 years old (proving Ikea furniture really does last!). Should I take the predictable route and get bedside tables to match the bedframe? Or mix it up with something more eclectic? I want to hear your thoughts on style and where to source!

And clearly it’s time for the faux-fur, wintery pillows to go into hibernation for the season. But I don’t have lighter, summery ones to rotate in. Do you have suggestions on style, colour and where to buy? As it stands, the room is pretty much a blank canvas – the wallpaper will be pale shades of grey – so I need to decide if I keep to grey tones, or add in an accent colour via pillows and a throw (and eventually an area rug).

Please leave your suggestions in the comments section on the Shop & Tell Instagram or Facebook pages.