What I’m Reading: A Gentleman in Moscow

By Amor Towles

I’m currently reading A Gentleman in Moscow, and I’m about 75% through it.

What it’s about:

This book starts in 1922, just after the Russian Revolution of 1917. It tells the story of a thirty-year old Count who is sentenced to house arrest, and has to live the rest of his life in a grand hotel in Moscow. The Count is a very charming gentleman, and as the book unfolds, we meet a cast of characters at the hotel, and learn of the rich and varied relationships he develops with them.

What I love:

From the very first page, it’s the beautiful story telling and descriptive language that drew me in. It’s so well-written, and can’t be rushed: I really find I have to (and wanted to!) pay close attention while I am reading. It’s witty, funny, charming and colourful.

What I don’t love:

This is a story about characters, their relationships and their interactions, and while the writing is always enough to keep me turning the pages, at times I’m craving more spikes and turns.

Who should read this book:

People who appreciate books for the writing, who love character development and descriptive language and like historical fiction.

Fun Fact:

A Gentleman is Moscow will be made into a television series produced and staring Kenneth Branagh, according to

Where to Buy

I purchased my copy at my local Book City for $32.40.  I just looked it up on Chapters/Indigo, and they have it listed for for $28.10, and Amazon has it for $27.82.

Have you read A Gentleman in Moscow? Let me know what you think! In upcoming Shop & Tell Book posts I’ll be sharing more books that I’m reading, but also letting you in on books that my husband and kids are reading too.