Our Mom Bag needs the night off

The Mom Bag vs The Cute Clutch

Getting through the day as a mom requires an eclectic mix of tools, unique to each of us depending on our many roles for the given day. Enter: The Mom Bag. Big, deep, multiple compartments containing a wide-range of items, as if primed and ready to Make a Deal with Monty Hall at any moment. Wipes, diapers, crayons, make-up, laptop, heels, back-up heels with a slightly lower heel, medicine, school forms, snacks for kids, snack for mom, more snacks for kids…. And the list goes on.

But on the nights we head out for dinner or drinks, we need to give the Mom Bag the night off.  Enter: The Cute Clutch. The Cute Clutch has only two requirements: hold your essentials (phone, lipstick, keys, credit card), and look incredibly cute.

As if willing on Spring and warmer weather with my fashion choices, I’ve pulled together a selection of light and breezy clutches perfect for balmy evenings out.  The video with today’s post features two zippered pouches from Old Navy – both only $10! I bought them in-store, and I wasn’t able to find them online, but wanted to share another option with you that is available online: Straw Pom Pom Clutch in Pineapple, $26.94.

Now onto my Nordstrom finds.  In the video, I feature a bright and fun straw clutch by Muche et Muchette.  It’s listed on the site  for $73, but when I bought it in-store in Toronto, it was $68.

Here are two other stylish options from Nordstrom for warmer evenings.

Steve Madden, $98

Chelsea28, $77