A Tale of Two Lipsticks

Smashbox Audition & Smashbox Publicist

Long before Kylie Jenner was making millions on her lip kits, I was an OG lipstick fan girl. The love affair started innocently with frosted pale pink shades in my pre-teens, got experimental and moody by my teens and twenties with dark shades of burgundy, brown and black and is rounding out in adulthood with an appreciation and curiosity of all shades. All of this culminating in an impressive collection of hues across all brands, shades, formats and price points.

When I buy lipstick, I almost never buy just one shade. I generally like to buy one neutral that can be an everyday, all-occasion lipstick; and another that can make a statement – either bold, trendy or both.

Typically, I buy lipsticks at department stores and specialty beauty boutiques, but on a recent trip to Shoppers Drug Mart, I perused the Smashbox lipstick selection and two lovelies quickly caught my eye. The first, Audition is a soft and creamy neutral tailor-made for 9-to-5.  And the second, Publicist, is a super-fun and bold raspberry shade. And while I warmed up to the colour immediately, it was the name that sealed the deal. As many of you know, when I’m not Shopping and Telling, I’m a PR girl, making Publicist a perfect pick. Both lipsticks are part of the Smashbox Be Legendary Collection, and are $25 each.