I hate orange. Then why did I buy an orange dress, you ask?

I HATE ORANGE (on me). I have NEVER worn orange. EVER. And combined in an orangy-red shade? Forget about it! I’ve always believed the colour doesn’t look good with my skin tone: bringing out the redness in my pale skin. So WHY am I wearing an orange dress in this picture, you ask??  Here goes. I desperately needed a dress for an event, and I had 20 minutes to shop, so went into the Nordstrom Rack on Bloor Street in Toronto with a mission: find a dress. STAT. As I was combing the racks, trying to find dresses in my size and that fit my curves, I spotted this little number. I loved the cut, but quickly looked to see if they had it in a different hue, because, as I said, I HATE orangy-red. But, they didn’t. So, I threw caution to the wind and tried it on. When I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t convinced. But I had run out of time, so I bought it thinking it was better than nothing.  And you know what? When I put it on at home with heels and make-up, I kinda warmed up to it!  And then I wore it to the event, and got a lot of compliments. Ha! What the heck do I know? Moral of the story: we may *think* we know certain colours don’t look good on us, but it’s worth pushing those rules from time and time and giving them another try.