Books for Young Teen Girls: Pippa Greene Series

Newest book in series: Golden Hour, by Chantel Guertin

Golden Hour is the fourth and final book in a teen-oriented series staring the loveable and relatable Pippa Greene. The series, that debuted with Rule of Thirds, follows Pippa as she navigates universal teen rites of passage: school, friendship, crushes and ultimately discovering who she is. Pippa is obsessed with photography, so even more relevant to teens — there’s art beyond the selfie!

I’ve collected the books since the first in the series launched five years ago, patiently waiting for the time it makes sense for my eldest daughter to dig in. At eight years old, my eldest still has a couple of years to wait.  When she lands in that distinctive zone of crushes and complicated friend dynamics, she’ll get to dive into all four books.

Huge shout out to the author, Chantel Guertin, who is a friend of mine. We met through the PR/Magazine industry, and it was one of those meetings where you immediately connect and become fast friends. While busy lives have made it hard for us to see each other regularly in recent years, I follow her on social, and am so very proud of her writing, blogging, TV appearances and mama accomplishments!

All four books in the Pippa Greene series are available at Indigo and Amazon.